Our approach is to produce new and engaging forms of fire safety awareness tools. Broadly speaking, the tools will be designed for two classes of end user: firstly, tools aimed at meeting the needs of members of the general public; and, secondly, tools aimed at meeting the needs of workers in jobs that require more specialized fire safety awareness.


Local Training

The Firemark Education programme can be conveyed through a series of short programmes designed for local delivery with minimal training. It provides organisations with a greater understanding of risk and their responsibilities with regard to fire safety.

Interactive Educational Tools

Firemark Education is fast becoming a leader in the arena of interactive fire safety training apps and is moving rapidly into the production of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) training tools.


Firemark Education, working in partnership with Fire & Rescue Services, can also deliver fire safety awarenes seminars for groups. The goal of each seminar is to deliver a consistent fire safety awareness message to any size of audience.

Whether you are an educational institution, a local authority, a landlord or a company, Firemark Education can tailor a seminar to meet your needs.